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Sweet Neecy's cake mixes are the best ever! I have tried all 3 kinds and each produces a fantastic cake.

JL, Cary, NC




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Today consumers are looking for quick and easy ways to prepare baked goods, which is why we set out to simplify the art of cake making, while preserving the "scratch made" flavor. Sweet Neecy has included in each of our batter mixes all that is needed as a base for preparing homemade cakes. Enjoy!

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Originial Cake Mix

With a classic blend of the finest ingredients, our Original Cake Mix is great on its own, iced, or as the base to your own Make It Batter.from Scratch cake creation!

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Chocolate Cake Mix

Our Chocolate Cake Mix combines classic fine ingredients with decadent Grand Guayacan Cocoa, creating a rich, exquisite flavor and a delicious treat for chocolate lovers everywhere!

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Spice Cake Mix

Our Spice Cake Mix combines all of the wonderful ingredients of the Original Mix plus Sweet Neecy's signature blend of spices, creating a deliciously aromatic and flavorful treat that will enchant your senses!

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