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Sweet Neecy's cake mixes are the best ever! I have tried all 3 kinds and each produces a fantastic cake.

JL, Cary, NC




Baking Tips

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Batter mixes makes any one : Bake time:
(1) 10 or 12 inch Pound or Bundt cake 1 hour
(3) 9 inch round cakes 25-30 min.
(1) 1x13x17 sheet cake 25-30 min.
2½-3 - dozen cupcakes 25-30 min.


Eggs and all ingredients for recipes should be room temperature.

Recipes tested using large eggs.

Pre-heat oven to 350º before you start to mix the batter.

All recipes tested using an electric home oven.

All batters tested with an electric mixer.

Mixing time for all batters is 3 minutes.

Spread batter evenly in pan(s) and around sides.

While cake batter is mixing, grease and flour pan(s).

To insure that your cake is done, insert toothpick in center. It should come out clean if done.

Cakes must be cooled completely before icing.

All cake recipes are moist and delicious.

All cakes can be frozen whole or sliced. Before freezing wrap tightly with plastic wrap and put in zip lock storage bag(s).

Vegan (Vegans can substitute the following using Sweet Neecy Cake Mixes)

  • Butter, substitute 1 cup vegetable oil
  • Milk, substitute soy milk
  • Eggs, use egg substitute as directed on package

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