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Sweet Neecy's cake mixes are the best ever! I have tried all 3 kinds and each produces a fantastic cake.

JL, Cary, NC




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I am grateful that when I was a young girl, growing up back in the sixties in Chapel Hill, NC. I had the opportunity to watch both my grandmother and mother baking delicious homemade cakes from scratch. I watched as they both "made do", measuring the flour and sugar with a coffee cup or with a glass. They would then use the palm of their hands to measure the baking powder, soda and salt because back then cooking and baking was by feel and touch. According to my mama this type of measuring was called "dump" cooking.

Most Saturday's were cake-baking days around our house, and Sunday, after church and dinner, became cake-eating day. Like most children, my two youngest sisters and I stayed close to the kitchen table where the baking process took place, anxiously waiting for our chance to lick the leftover batter from the bowl and spoon. Once the cake was placed in the oven, no one was allowed in the kitchen because Grandma and Mama told us that "cakes fall if there is too much movement in the kitchen." They even walked softly to check on the cake.

When I think back to those Saturdays, I find it hard to believe how long it took to make a cake from scratch, not to mention the big mess my sister and I had to clean up after we were finished savoring what was left from the batter.

One of my fondest memories was watching my mama cover the cakes with icing and leave them to become infused with flavor overnight. On Sunday afternoon, the exciting moment came when the cake was sliced. One piece practically covered an entire dinner plate. Everyone in our family lingered around after dinner waiting for Mama to serve the slices of cake to be passed around the table until everyone had their much anticipated piece. Thanks to my Grandmother and Mama, we ate some of the best cakes ever to be made in our town at our house on those Sunday's after Church. It was a rich experience; one that should be taking place in all households.

That is why I decided to make cake baking from "scratch" easier for you. By creating a "basic cake batter mix", I have given you all that you need along with you adding your perishable ingredients so that in minutes with less mess you can have a delicious homemade cake batter. For all of you who thought cake baking was hard, here's your chance to prove yourself wrong.

Happy Baking!

Annette "Neecy" Council

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